Friday, December 27, 2013

The face of Love

the goddess of love has many faces, most not as gentle as that depicted by Botticelli. 
She is more often then not a wild elemental creature, with a great crown of antlers, creating havoc, inciting passions, consuming the senses of men and women, then rending apart the very thing that she has created.
She is followed by the great vulture, Remorse,
 that picks through the destruction left in her wake,  
.......and she always, always, demands a sacrifice,,,,,,

Monday, December 23, 2013

Cyborg X

Fun little poster to do. In the truest grindhouse tradition, the poster may cross the line of good taste, and move into the realm of campy. I mean a bikini clad babe brandishing a Gatling gun?   Hahahah you gotta Love the sub genre. 
The move does not yet exist and the poster is going to be used to raise interest and funds. The fact that the movie was still in the early production phase meant that the costume designer was still developing the look of the Cyborg and I had to go through several iterations as they made changes as I was working on the poster.Was a bit frustrating, but in the end I think it turned out pretty well

case in point. They requested one more revision, after approving the last one. Better? Worse? dont know, as long as they are happy, Im happy


Beauty and the Beast

The moment where love overtakes, the beast is transformed in her eyes, in her heart, long before he is physically transformed.

I love, not what he is, but that he is- Ronald Barthes.

Monday, December 16, 2013

work avoidance,,,,

 why is it always easier to paint something for yourself then something for a 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

lazarus Jones

HEEeeeeeeee's back. some of you (one or two anyway) may remember this guy. First created as inspiration for the Johnny Cash classic 'Aint no Grave'. But since then this guy has been hanging around my consciousness. demanding a name, a story. well meet Lazarus Jones. Fairly unpopular in heaven, in hell and on earth. But he's the one with the gun, and the one standing between us and the annihilation of the universe,,,,,,

to the left is the original image of Lazarus Jones

Monday, November 18, 2013


yes, yes, Iknow its been a while, but yes, I am working away on projects-- here are a couple of images fan an assassins guild RPG supplement, that I am doing illos for. The Kickstarter will be launch in late December, so until then you'll have to be content with this little teaser.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Imaginei Books

A couple of covers and a few of the interior illustrations i did a while back for Imaginei Books. These are young adult/ tween books, the original tales are personalized to individuals. You choose the name and characteristics of the hero, making each book special to one person. As an illustrator this created a challenge in that I could not show the hero or main characters of these stories in any detail.

Monday, November 11, 2013


Well for the first time in a long time I went to a Orycon (the last time was like 1999), and this is only the second convention Ive gone to in the last 14 years. It was really a great experience. I met lots of nice people, made a few contacts. But most importantly to me is I got to talk about my illustrations- the process, the thoughts behind them, the stories they tell. Something I dont get to do very much. It can be a lonely business Illustrating. So thanks for everyone that came out and spent time with me, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
The icing on the orycon cake was that my illustrations took home a few ribbons as well, And though they were giving them out like candy, it was nice to get some official recognition. Below are the three images that took the directors choice and judges choice awards

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Failed to Study

this is the front and back cover to the Lp 'Failed to Study' by the band of the same name. I really love this noir image and in fact kind of wish I were there right now, throwing back some of that hard green, drowning my sorrows, with a dangerous blonde,,,,,

Monday, October 21, 2013

Splitting Lanes and Taking Names

I just finished the cover for the vinyl lp "Splitting Lanes and Taking Names", by The Heathens. A bit of a departure for me in both client and subject matter. But I jumped at the chance to do the retro camp cover for the 12inch vinyl.The Heathens say theyre influenced by beards, dirty Levi's, clean welds, , Frisco style, motorcycling's past and our California scene and out of state extended motorcycle brotherhood. They play so their friends, who smash their fingers making brackets and suffer flash-burn after hours at the welder all day have something cool to do at the end of the week.

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Weird Weird West

This is the cover for the anthology  "The Steam Man of the West" its a nice a little bit of steampunk revisionist history about a gang of misfits as they conquer the Weird, Weird West . With a bizarre cast of characters some plucked from history others from the imagination of the author, Joseph A. Lovece. They solve the mysteries of the Frozen Head, the Dragon of Dragon Creek, the Tablet of Destinies, and more. And  always with them is the trusty machine, the Steam Man

Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Windy City, Chi-Town, City of Broad Shoulders....

A while back I did a cover for Sneak Attack Games RPG Broken Earth  as part of their Kickstarter project. well it seems that they got their funding and so they asked if I wanted to do a second cover for the companion book. Of course I jumped at the chance. This was to be very similar to the first, but with a different character and city. This time it was to be a woman walking on the edge of Northerly Island with the post apocalyptic Chicago skyline behind her.And there was one more catch...the character was to be the daughter of one of the kickstarter backers.

I think this one turned even better the the first cover. I think I might be getting an handle on doing these city scapes

Good for the Soul

yesterday I decided it was time for a purge. I have tons of old drawings and paintings, overflowing flat file cabinets, as well as close to a dozen flat file boxes. Time to start cleaning some of this crap out. Out with the old, as they say

I must admit  that much of it bad, I don't mean bad in terms of  I was younger and hadn't mastered illustration skills and techniques (though, there is lots of amateurish stuff in the stacks). I mean bad as in bad. Images that didn't work, many left unfinished. Lots of stuff that I did in a hurry because a deadline was crashing down on me. Hundreds of paintings for AEG in the early days of my career fall in the latter category. Illustrations for Warlords, Deadlands, 7th Sea and L5R. I spent yesterday ripping up old canvases reducing a mountain of old work to three barrels of shredded paper (I only got as far as the cabinets, saving the boxes for later--ugh)... It felt great to ride myself of these images, it felt cathartic. That's not to say that everything I found went into the trash. There were many that I quite love and have included a few examples those images that made the cut

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Zombie B.C.

This was an extremely fun piece to do. This is the cover for Zombie B.C. written by Steve Void with interior artwork by Steven Williams. In a world that has become over saturated with Zombies, Steve has come up with something pretty unique, a pre-historic zombie out break.

Friday, August 2, 2013


When it comes to drugs and their uses Im about as square as you can get. That's why this project was an odd one for me. This image was done for  Shayana Shop a head shop out of the Netherlands that sells all manner drugs and paraphernalia  The idea was that they wanted to take their mascot (below) and have me reinterpret her in my style for a ad campaign, poster, and T-shirts.
Since this image was wide open, the only requirement being that it had to feature the character Shayana, it allowed me to work in a more free-form organic way. I had the general idea, Shayana and the yin/ yang, but no firm picture of what I wanted it to look like. I knew I wanted it to have a kind of retro feel, going back to artist  like Berry Windsor-Smith, Bernie Wrightson and Catherin Jeffery Jones, Roger Dean, artist that were major influences on me when I was just a kid. I start by creating a central character, Shayana  and build out from there with no real plan. Letting the dragon stretch out and curve around, then the tiger and so on and on, growing the canvas as I added more and more elements. Some elements had more meaning then others, for instance as the dragon and tiger represent the yin and yang, with the Peacock, symbolizing immortality,  completing an upward pointing  triangle around Shayana. The upward pointed triangle is also a symbol in itself Representing the element of air. I tried to incorporate elements of air in the back ground with the floating crystals, and birds and by the very point of view of being high above the valley to imply a higher consciousness (maybe gained by taking some of the mushrooms growing in the foreground, I don't know). The ruins and the old globe thing in the background represent the old way of thinking, broken ruined, no longer relevant. I know, i know it all sound kind of pretentious, but the results are pretty cool.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

All the little chicks with the crimson lips go Cleveland rocks, cleveland rocks

This a poster/concept piece done for Battleground Entertainment. They are putting together a hunted house attraction in Cleveland Ohio. The idea being that the haunted house would be different than other Halloween attractions as it should have a deeper level of immersion. The patrons will not simply walk through a forest but instead will be lead by a guide dressed as a spec ops solider, hence having him in the advertisement. The concept is ambitious but the end result will be similar to that of an interactive movie, like living though a resident evil game/movie. Some scripted attacks and a convincing guide should make this something very different from the typical haunted house.

I was asked to use a very specific back drop for the scene, which was the real challenge here. It was pretty impossible to find an image of the Cleveland Soldier Memorial with the terminal tower in the back ground from the angle that I needed. For one the angle needed to be low to ground so that I could get the top of the tower in the image. I also needed to see the back of one of the four sculptures that make up the memorial and who takes pictures of the back end of sculptures? No one, that's who.

 That's when I hit on the idea of using google street view. This worked amazingly well as I virtually walked around the memorial until I got to the angle that best featured the Memorial and tower. Its an amazing world

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Elysian fields

Portfolio piece,. No real story, just kind of going for that Twilight Zone zone moment, you know, the last thing he remembers before loosing consciousness was tumbling head over heals in space, his tether cut, his air running out....only to wake here.  Cue Rod Serling

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The rise

Promotional image done for the music duo The Rise. The Rise is a Dutch record producing and songwriting team, composed of Mavis Acquah and Gijs Huijs. The team's genres include Urban Electro, House, Pop and R&B.You can listen to them here.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The struggle

Not long ago I posted a couple horror images depicting violence against women and discussed my discomfort with the whole genre that presents the this kind of violence as entertainment. In light of those thoughts what had started out as romantic image of mermaid and man morphed into the the mermaid struggling to be free from the mans grasp, perhaps a metaphor for the struggle against institutionally imposed male dominance, and control...

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Re-Evolution of Man

A while back I posted the cover for, Darriel K Caston's sci-fi Novel "Gestation'  the first book in his Re-evolution of man series ( Well he has since approached me about doing interior illustrations. His idea was to do black and white images with just a hint of color.

 Im loving this project. and really looking forward to getting on to the next image....This is going to be one very cool book.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Monster Ink(well)

  Been doing a lot more Monsters for Inkwell games. Joe Wetzel, the brains behind Inkwell, has come up with a pretty cleaver product. These are sock illustration available for purchace either as individual or as small packages. Each of this last batch of images were done in both  color or black and white versions, and with the option of a color with a back ground.

What I really like about this project, as an illustrator, is that its given me the opportunity to do a hosts of creatures that I would never have done if left to my own devises. Looking over my portfolio I had done very few images of the classic D&D type of monster illustrations. Now I have created every thing from a efreeti to a gelatinous cube... some 30 different creatures over all.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

lamintations in space

Second piece I did for James  Raggi's Lamentations of the Flaming Princess RPG.This time our brave heroines find themselves being sucked into the waiting arms of some kind of insectoid creature who waits on the other side of the dimensional rift. Mr Raggi sure does put these women through some pretty rough stuff. I wonder if he is married?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

a few odds and ends

been a while since I posted stuff and I thought I might as well take the time to share a few little pieces. I do a fair amount of character concept work, but usually I am not allowed to share my work due to non nondisclosure agreements. Most of these were small little projects, involving just a few simple character illustrations. The image above was done for Tommy Khoo and his amazing, though still in the works, alien invasion game.

these are few of the  concepts I did for Yegor Tesler, who graciously gave me permission to share provided I not give away to much of the group/project ahead of time. But I promise to release more info as as I am allowed.

and these pieces were done for the immensity talented Kays al Atrakchi  a highly regarded composer whose work spans over a decade of extensive work on award winning films, commercials, and television series.These were done for his first time crack at the other side of making films, as a writer director of a horror short, called Lucidity. These are designs for the Stranger, that haunts our hero's dreams

This concept piece is an example of the work done for Ecko Entertainment. A depiction of the new Kirk enveloped in energy.