Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Arming of Cinderella

This is kind of a different image for me, I started messing around with this a little while ago, it was inspired by a conversation I had about what I call the Arming of Cinderella and Faux feminism (seem to be having lots of conversation about this stuff these days .women's roles and the stereotypes of women in science, entertainment and politics. These conversations seem to popping everywhere. perhaps as a counter reaction to the girl power brand feminism). Anyway, there was a trend in movies in the late 70s and early 80s where women were engendered with what were typically thought of as male traits. These women were independent, strong, and kicked ass when they had to. The best example of this would be Ripley from Alien. Through out the 70's horror had gone from the old studio monster and radioactive mutant giant insect, to the don't look now he's behind you ,female mutilation, sexually charged slasher movies. Alien turned that trend on it's head. Ripley is the strong female character who makes active judgments and survives what is trying to kill her. The male character's are largely passive - most die quickly, others wait for her command. It is Ripley who makes the plan to defeat the alien which works, while the 'powerless' male Captain makes bad judgments as his unsure plan fails. Her sexuality is derived from her strength rather then from her vulnerability. This trend was soon subverted, and while superficiality following the same blue print, these women were little more then card board cutouts, sure they could kick ass, but, they ultimately needed saving and often fell hopelessly under the spell of the male protagonist. Essentially returning us to the old Cinderella syndrome, only with guns....

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