Monday, March 3, 2014

A Call For Art Submissions

Domeka Parker is an amazing improvisational theater performer and teacher, she is a also friend. Domeka was diagnosed with Breast Cancer on Valentine's day. It is aggressive and has already spread to her lymph nodes. Her treatment will be equally aggressive including chemo, radiation and a mastectomy. We, her family, friends and students, are gathering our forces to assist in her fight. In that effort we are reaching out to artist that may want to donate their art to either of the two projects in the works to raise funds. First, we are planning an art show/improvisational benefit in April and are calling for art submissions. Domeka has a particular love for the warrior woman archetype, though pieces may be any art that is inspired by or inspires Courage. Deadlines for submission would be April 1st. The second effort is to have artist contribute designs for t-shirts and having a Zazzle page that would allow her friends from around the world to help Domeka out (plus get a cool shirt). There is certainly the possibility that a piece of art could be used for both the show and T-shirt if the Artist is willing to donate the image to the cause. If you are interested in submitting work for selection contact us at

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